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Happy Voting Day Eve, Seattle!

For the single issue Sonics procrastinators out there, here are some tips for the last minute voter. All endorsed by me, some guy on the Internet.

City of Seattle emblem as Green and Gold
City of Seattle emblem as Green and Gold color by Mike Baker

Do you live in Seattle?

Are you registered to vote?

Is that your ballot over there (point at it if you still have one)?

The primary election is Tuesday in Seattle.

The entire staff doesn't live in Seattle and share the same political views. So, I thought I would offer a few of my personal last minute thoughts to encourage people to vote. I do not see a major political shift away from supporting the MOU. It might help that the property in question is in the Stadium District. With all that said this as my opinion, not that of everybody here at Sonics Rising.

How voting works here in the greatest city in the world is that the top two candidates that receive the most votes move on to the Fall general election. The primary election on Tuesday is a playoff.

To recap from 2012's Seattle City Council vote on the MOU:

Council Bill 117480

Status: Passed

Date passed by Full Council: September 24, 2012

Vote: 6-2 (No: Conlin, Licata; Excused: Rasmussen)

Date filed with the City Clerk: September 24, 2012

Date of Mayor's signature: September 24, 2012

(City of Seattle)

Here are the votes in order by district number, who is/isn't running now, and my endorsement.

There aren't lengthy explanations; it is about supporting the MOU.

Position 1: Tom Rasmussen did not vote in 2012. He is not running for re-election.

If I lived there I would vote for Shannon Braddock.

Braddock worked for King County Councilmember Joe McDermott. The MOU went through Joe's Finance Committee efficiently. The arena as a subject, and the MOU in particular, will not be a mystery to her.

Position 2: Bruce Harrell voted yes.

If I lived there I would vote for Bruce Harrell.

Harrell found a way to not only vote yes but actively show his support.

Position 3: Richard Conlin voted no.

I have no endorsement.

He had his head handed to him the following year, in 2013, by Kshama Sawant. Sawant's candidacy was supported by SonicsGate. She has straddled the fence on the arena, implying enough support to pull in some voters that hate Conlin. Quite frankly, if she ever opposes the arena then that's for Sonicsgate to explain.

Position 4: Jean Godden voted yes.

I would vote for Michael J. Maddux.

I can't explain how I got here. (If you have a better answer then leave it in the comments section.)

Position 5: since no incumbent lives in this district I'll assign Sally Clark as the incumbent that is not seeking re-election. Sally Clark voted yes.

I do not see any of the candidates in the 5th voting no on the MOU, at least, any that have a shot at being in the Fall general election.

I voted for Halei Watkins.

She might be the only candidate to have a canvasser make it to my door twice. I live in the middle of nowhere in Seattle. I took it as a sign from the basketball gods (those not on Twitter).

Position 6: Mike O'Brien voted yes.

I would vote for Mike O'Brien.

O'Brien has been a thoughtful supporter, and at times a leader, in effort to move the plan forward.

Position 7: Sally Bagshaw voted yes.

I would vote for Sally Bagshaw.

I expect Bagshaw will continue to honor her original yes vote with continued support.

Position 8 and 9 are at-large positions, the two of these city-wide positions left.

Position 8: Tim Burgess voted yes.

I would vote for Tim Burgess.

I would be exaggerating if I said that Burgess snatched the MOU from the jaws of "Seattle process" death the 1st time around in 2012. I don't think we are a step forward without him.

Position 9: this is where Nick Licata leaves us, politically. He voted no.

I would vote for Alon Bassok.

I think he is leaning toward supporting the MOU.

Alon Bassok


Vote now!