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Brian Robinson: "I'm going to be supporting Chris Hansen at the public hearing"

Sonics Rising Founder Brian Robinson is "going to be supporting Chris Hansen at the public meeting on March 15"

Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen

Sonics Rising founder Brian Robinson posted the following message on Facebook today.

I've met with more than a half dozen serious contenders to own the Sonics and a bunch of their owners reps. There is nobody out there who has shown more respect for the fans, who has been one of us to a greater extent than SonicsArena. Who else has been with us in the basement of Neumos, the roof of 95 Slide or at The Physics studio with the Blue Scholars?

Name another wealthy owner who would recognize Sonicsgate Movie by name and when they ran into each other at the SuperBowl or somebody who gave us all the memory of Macklemore on stage in Pioneer Square before he was famous?
Whenever this issue comes back up out of the woodwork I want to say "that's it, I've done my part and I'm not showing up for another one." Then I remember all those good times and all those friends and I realize that even if I am tired of it all I have too much invested with this group to quit now.

So yeah...I'm going to be supporting Chris Hansen at the public hearing on March 15th and I'm going to encourage my friends to as well. It will be a good time to celebrate the FINAL milestone for the arena with Mike O'Brien who supported the deal in 2012 and now sits in a critical position as chair of the transportation committee.