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Geoff Baker scheduled to appear on the Softy show

Just one day after going on an epic tirade (which you can listen to here) about the Seattle Times and their continued love affair with KeyArena, a tirade that included calling the Times and reporter Geoff Baker "tone deaf to reality" and accusing them of "want[ing] to write the rules of the game," KJR's Dave "Softy" Mahler is going to have that very reporter on his show. Baker is scheduled to appear on the Softy show for an hour, starting at 5 pm.

Here are some questions we hope Softy asks of Geoff;

  • Are there any credible reports of investors being interested in remodeling KeyArena?
  • Did AECOM take the likely landmark designation into account?
  • Has either league confirmed that a remodeled KeyArena would suffice as a long term arena solution for their respective leagues?
  • If KeyArena is easier and cheaper, why doesn't Chris Hansen want to remodel it and use the savings to develop his Sodo land?
  • If Victor Coleman is willing to pay $285 million for KeyArena renovations, why isn't he willing to pay the city and county portion ($200 million) of the Sodo arena?
  • Why hasn't the Seattle Times reported the other options AECOM listed for KeyArena usage besides a sports facility?
  • Why hasn't the Times reported on traffic concerns in Lower Queen Anne, including no Light Rail access until 2038?
You can listen to Softy's show online at

What other questions do you have for Geoff?