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Seattle City Council votes against Seattle Arena street vacation

Once again, basketball fans are wondering why a victory cannot be had for them in the city of Seattle.

Once again, we have experienced a setback.  An all too familiar feeling for us professional basketball fans that have been fighting to bring the Seattle Supersonics back.  Once again, an all too familiar foe has stepped up to provide that setback.  It wasn't the NBA.  It wasn't David Stern.  It was once again the City of Seattle making the wrong choice despite the fervor of the fans. The City Council voted against the street vacation for the SoDo Arena 4-5.

There are a lot of people to be thanked today.  Our own Brian Robinson put together the social media campaign that we ran today and was trending in six of the ten top spots on Twitter within in an hour.

How did it get trending so fast?  You, the rabid basketball fans who want the Sonics back in Seattle.  Thank you for coming to standing with us and having our backs every step of the way.

A big thank you also needs to go out to the four yes votes from the council.  In fact, here are their names:

CM Bruce Harrell


CM Tim Burgess


CM Rob Johnson


CM Mike O'Brien


Please be gracious to those gentlemen.  They are fighting the good fight.  Send them a thank you message via email, Facebook or Twitter.  They deserve to hear some good words.

The following council members voted no:

CM Deborah Juarez


CM Lorena Gonzalez


CM Kshama Sawant


CM Lisa Herbold


CM Sally Bagshaw


In no way do we condone sending nasty messages to these five members, and if you see any, please call that person out.  I'm not mad at them, I'm not.  I'm extremely disappointed in them.  If anyone should know the power basketball fans have in Seattle elections, just ask Kshama Sawant.  She can pretty much thank Sonicsgate for her council position.

Mayor Ed Murray released a statement late Monday afternoon following the vote:

"I firmly believe that a new arena will be built that brings the NBA and NHL to our region.

"The City's past actions contributed to the Sonics leaving Seattle. Today's Council vote makes it less likely that the NBA will return to the City of Seattle.

"Despite today's vote, I remain committed to exploring all options to bring the NBA and NHL, not just to our region, but to a new arena in the City of Seattle."

I'm honestly not sure where we go from here at the moment, but we always regroup and come back stronger and more organized than ever.  It's okay to be sad and bummed out now.  I am.

Just know this was a conditional street vacation request, and it can be asked for again when a team is in hand or about to be in hand.  Honestly, that time could be sooner than most of us think.

Thanks to everyone again!


Chris Hansen has released his own statement on behalf of the arena investment group:

​​Today’s City Council vote was disappointing but we don’t believe it is the end of the road in our quest to bring the NBA and NHL back to Seattle. We know all the fans who have stood solidly by us these past years share our disappointment but it is important that we all stay focused on our shared goal.

We now need to take a little time to step back and evaluate our options, better understand the council’s concerns and find a path forward. We will keep you posted.