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S Lander Street Bridge Project receives a Federal grant

Federal Government grants $45 million toward S Lander Street Bridge Project, south of the proposed SoDo arena project.

S Lander Street
S Lander Street

Yesterday, KING 5's Chris Daniels reported that the Federal Government will grant $45 million toward the S Lander Street Overpass project's $140 million cost.

S Lander Street

S Lander Street is an east-west corridor primarily used to move freight that crosses train tracks.

Murphy [SDOT] says $20 million from the levy approved last fall will go to the project. The state legislature dedicated $7 million. All told, contributions from BSNF, the Puget Sound Regional Council and the Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board, there was $50 million dedicated to the project.  SDOT already held an open house on the project. - KING 5's Chris Daniels, go read it.

The Port of Seattle has pledged $5 million.

It's interesting and amusing (and depressing) to think about May 2nd's street vacation vote by the city. Quite frankly, I don't know where else the city will get $35 million. But right now, I know where they won't.

Again, Daniels:

SoDo Arena investor Chris Hansen was slated to spend roughly $18-20 million on the project, in exchange for vacating Occidental Avenue, but the Seattle City Council ultimately decided to reject that exchange in May.

Does the city think it will look to existing businesses to fill that $35 million funding hole? The local business IS the Port of Seattle, and they've given all the pocket change they could find. Don't look toward the Mariners, because they've convinced enough people to stop asking them.

It seems to me that different choices could be made, and different outcomes could be had, different from the choice made on May 2nd.