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Kevin Durant, Warriors hold press conference

Kevin Durant signed on the dotted line with the Golden State Warriors and then proceeded to an introductory press conference.

New duds. New digs.
New duds. New digs.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

He'd look better in a green and gold uniform, but this one will have to suffice.

Kevin Durant followed through with his Monday announcement and officially signed with the Golden State Warriors on Thursday. He then headed to the press room for a news conference to explain his decision and share some love.

GM Bob Myers speaks

We just try to get better every day we wake up. You never expect to get this much better. Kevin Durant ... we love people who love to play basketball. We love people that are high character people, and you can't find a better embodiment of that than the guy sitting next to me.

Head coach Steve Kerr speaks

I think it's safe to say Kevin would fit into any style, but I think with our players, the guys we have already, ... I think that was attractive to him to be able to play with Draymond and Steph and Klay because of the way those guys play. We have guys who are not just shooters, not just ball handlers. To add another guy who is so talented and not just a shooter and not just a defender. He's a basketball player, and we think the style fits him perfectly. We think he suits us perfectly.

The man himself speaks

From the outside looking in you hear nothing but great things about this organization, but you never know how it is until you get face to face with these guys. So to see Steph, Klay, Draymond, and Andre walk into the house I was at, I could tell they were all about business. They were like a huge family walking in. Everyone was excited and the conversation was effortless.