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Hard(er) Questions

Brian Surratt will step into the Sin Bin

After a relatively successful “Hard Questions” podcast where Paul and I were joined by Robert Cardona and John Barr we will attempt to do it again.

This time Seattle Office of Economic Development Director Brian Surratt will join us in a podcast tentatively scheduled for October 2. Brian has been called a “good dude” by me and labeled as “greasing the skids” by others on this blog. While there may be longer explanations please try to pose some clear and succinct questions for Paul to ask in his interview.

Also set aside the evening of October 17 if you would like to join staff and NHLtoSeattle for the opening night of the 2017 NBA season. There are great matchups with the Cavs vs Celtics and Houston vs Golden State.

I’ll pick up the tab for food and drink for any Sonics fans who want to join us to watch the game and talk about the complex situation we find ourselves in.

Details of the event to follow.