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Hard Questions

Prepping for next weeks podcast

Next week the city is expected to release it’s MOU for KeyArena. In anticipation of that new phase of things the Sodo group has shown their strategy, offering an alternative development option for KeyArena to go along with their privately financed, shovel ready proposal.

On Wed NHL to Seattle’ John Barr, Seattle Arena Fan Panel’s Robert Cardona and I are planning on recording a podcast doing our best to answer questions about this process. John, Robert and I are all members of the city’s select committee on civic arenas and have been working on this issue for years. I’m happy to spend some time focusing on “how we got here” but more interested in talking about “where we are” and “where could things go from here?”

The theme of this podcast for me is going to be “hard questions”. I intend to do my best to answer some of the legitimate questions and also more ridiculous accusations that have been leveled in recent months.

Feel free to offer up questions here. Things that are baseless, accusatory and inflammatory will be ignored. Questions that are legitimate and productive we will do our best to answer even if in some cases our answers are “I can’t disclose some information I have regarding that subject” or “This is just my opinion.”

So I think I know what most of the basic questions are but feel free to use this thread to ask away.

This should be interesting.