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Love sports, music, food, pro wrestling, books, and TV on Netflix. I may seem boring, and that would be a correct statement.

How Shawn Kemp Made Me an NBA Fan

Former Sonic star was unbelievable to watch.

Is This Ryan Miller's Last Shot?

Former All-Star goalie faces many questions this year.

Should the AHL expand to more Western Cities?

Boise, Spokane, Reno and Fresno would make great possible cities

Who Will Win the NHL Pacific Division in 2015-16?

This will prove to be one of the toughest in the NHL

Former Sonic is Now Working at Starbucks

How Vin Baker Changed His Life

Is Connor McDavid the "Next One"?

Some say he's the next Wayne Gretzky. Will Connor McDavid live up to the expectations?

Can Wayne Gretzky Help Hockey in Seattle?

"The Great One" would make an excellent figurehead owner.

How Seattle Could Change the NHL

League will have to shuffle everything

Was Detlef Schrempf the Best German Import Ever?

Detlef Schrempf has lead quite an interesting life.

How Jack Sikma Turned Seattle Into a Champion

The Sonics center was a defensive machine.