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Communications masters student by evening. Social Media/digital content extraordinaire. Writer. First ever basketball game was Sonics vs Lakers in 1992, played in the Kingdome. Sonics won 92-91 with a shot at the buzzer. Basketball is my life (playing, observing, learning) and it will never stop.

Why Seattle fans should STILL adopt the Clippers

Seattle hoops have a passionate champion in hometown hero Jamal Crawford. Jerome Johnson encourages you to support Jamal and the Clippers this season.

Edited by Kevin Nesgoda

Ken Berger Brings Up Relocation Again

In his latest piece Ken Berger of CBS Sports once again ties Seattle to a potential relocation spot of the Bucks. Is this national speculation or is there actually something to this?

Seattle fans should adopt another NBA team for now

Seattle basketball fans should start supporting the NBA by adopting a team that holds one of its native sons, in L.A.

2013-14 Pistons Season Preview: Motown Makeover

Detroit Pistons revamp roster for attempt to get back to basketball glory.

Forecast for 76ers is stormy with low visibility

2013-14 Philadelphia 76ers Season Preview. Are we about to witness one of the worst teams ever?

2013-14 Los Angeles Clippers Season Preview

For the first time ever it's the Clippers with the championship aspirations in Los Angeles.