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With the 2nd pick, Silver Screen & Roll selects...

With the 1st pick, Canis Hoopus selects...

If we had votes...

None of of us here at Sonics Rising have votes for the NBA's end of the season awards, but two members of our staff - Mitchell Northam and Taylor Bartle - were thinking about who they would vote for if they did have a say.

NBA Thoughts: Don't Trade Melo

The New York Knicks need to hit the reset button after a dreadful 2014-15 season, but they need Carmelo Anthony to stick around. Trading him is not the answer.

Is Tony Wroten part of the 76ers' future?

With the 76ers turning over players for draft picks like steaks on a grill, is Tony Wroten next to be moved for an asset? Or is he going to be a key part in whatever they are building?

What's in the future for former Sonic Ray Allen?

The former Sonic has yet to sign with a team this season, but he has also yet to retire. What does the future hold for the league's all-time three-point shooter?

SR Round Table: Reflecting on '14 & Predicting '15

With 2014 ending tonight the SonicsRising staff reflects on 2014 and looks ahead to the year that will be in 2015.

Quiet night for the 206

Collison and Sacre were the only two players from our 206 tracker to log NBA minutes last night.

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Wilkens recalls tribulations of defending a championship

Point-Guard Evolution

From Cousy to Lenny to Magic to Chris Paul, the position and term "floor general" has evolved.