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NHL will vote to expand on Tuesday

The National Hockey League will meet in Georgia for their winter meetings on Monday and are expected to vote in favor of Seattle expansion the following morning.

Is Boise the best option for an AHL affiliation?

NHL Seattle continue their search for an AHL affiliate.

Featured Fanshot

BREAKING: NHL Board of Governors to Vote to Expand to Seattle in December

The Seattle ownership group and mayor Jenny Durkan made their formal presentation to the NHL executive committee this morning. Judging by the constant stream of tweets by King5’s Chris Daniels and Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times, things went pretty well.

NHL board of governors will meet on June 20th to discuss the state of the league and possible expansion to Seattle.

League officials are expected to announce a conditional expansion to the city of Seattle following the conclusion of their meetings in Las Vegas.

Celly in Seattle: Episode 5, Walter Jones

Your local Seattle hockey podcast with all things NHL to Seattle.

Seattle Sin Bin 2018 Playoffs Roundtable

Who will win the Stanley Cup? What about NHL Awards? Any thoughts on the Seattle GM? We let loose with our opinions here.


David Bonderman speaks to ESPN about the arena, NHL, and yes, even NBA

BREAKING: Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan kicks off a campaign for NHL expansion

The city of Seattle has officially kicked off its campaign to bring an NHL team to the region.

The Expansion Process: Managing Our Expectations

Using the Vegas Golden Knights timeline to speculate on our own is a slippery slope we should not approach.

Where Are They Now: Luke Lockhart Olympic Hopeful

Former Thunderbird Luke Lockhart has taken to the ice in China with hopes of competing in the 2022 Olympics.

MyNorthwest reporting possible season ticket drive dates

First reports on when tickets will be available.

OVG files for NHL expansion to Seattle

The Oak View Group and prospective NHL ownership group have officially submitted their application for an expansion team.

Expanding your knowledge of the expansion draft

What Seattle gets from the NHL will look awfully similar to Vegas.

Viva Las Vegas (Hockey)!

Seattle Sin Bin contributor Curtis Frazier travels to Vegas — 1,125 miles for the love of the game.

Seattle guaranteed similar draft by NHL - application to be handed in. 

TSN reporting that Seattle expansion application will be turned in in the coming weeks. League has guaranteed similar expansion draft to Vegas.

Seattle Hockey History, Part 1

As national media coverage amps up, Mayor Durkan visits the NHL

Can Seattle be a hockey town?

Seattle Thunderbirds starting to click

A team in transition, the Seattle Thunderbirds are starting to click.

Seattle Cougars? Firebirds? OVG registers domains for 13 different names

Learning the game: NHL on the tube this week

There are three nationally televised NHL games to check out this week.

Learning the game: NHL on TV this week

More chances for Seattle sports fans to watch hockey on the boob tube this week.

Hockey 101: The offsides rule

Seattle Sin Bin contributor Doug Mellon begins a new series that covers the basics of the game of hockey.

Seattle Hockey Name Tournament: Elite Eight!

Four chances to watch the NHL this week

As Seattle learns hockey with hopes for NHL expansion in a few years, the league offers four nationally televised games in the next few days.

Seattle Hockey Name Tournament: Sweet Sixteen Part Two

Seattle Hockey Name Tournament: Sweet Sixteen!

This stream has:

NHL team name tournament

Seattle Sin Bin: Chris Daniels talks NHL expansion news

Chris Daniels joins us to discuss arena and NHL expansion news. Brian Robinson and John Barr also step in.

NHL allows Seattle to apply for expansion

Seattle arena: Fusion of sports and music entertainment?

A Seattle NHL team should look to Nashville as an example of how to build a city-flavored game experience for fans

Wally Walker met with NHL brass

The Sodo arena investor gave the league an update on their progress