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Media Day Opportunity

In 2002 the Sonics were generous enough to allow a writer from the opportunity to attend media day, interview players and staff, and gain a unique perspective on the organization. That writer, Kevin Pelton, went on to become a professional journalist employed by the team.

Writing has always been a great passion of mine which, for a variety of reasons, I never pursued. It takes a great deal of determination and perseverence to build a career on artistic or journalistic talent and I have always taken the shorter path to success. I have a huge amount of admiration for people such as Kevin who have the resolve to make their passion into a career despite the long odds of success in that field.

This year the Sonics have extended me a similar opportunity to attend media day on behalf of the site. While I have no delusions of following in Kevin's footsteps this does present something of a dream come true - an opportunity, if only for a day, to combine my love of writing with my passion for basketball and get a taste of what life may have been like if I had pursued other dreams. is a fan-interactive site so please take a minute to let me know of any questions you think I should ask.

For a review of Kevins experience please take a look at his October 7, 2002 column