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The Swift Show

So far the experiment of Robert Swift starting at center has been at best a push. In 15 minutes of play per game he has contributed only a rebound and a half per game(3 total) during his two game stint.

Tonight game against the Houston Rockets will probably present the best opportunity of the preseason to evaluate Swift's game. Yao Ming is the first true center he will go up against, Houston plays a traditional post oriented game, and he has experience against both Ming and Dikembe Mutumbo who will replace him off the bench. Swift's career highs in rebounds, (3, OUCH!), points(10), and blocks(4) all came against the Rockets in the final game of last season. Although that game was not televised it was reported that he played with confidence and aggression.

I try not to read much into preseason games but think that today's will be a bit telling. I hope to have good reviews of Robert Swift and Johan Petro after this matchup.