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Petro fueled.

An interesting article was written by on Johan and the level of happiness the coaching staff is having with his development.

After listening to last nights game and hearing that Petro was on the court with Collison, Ridnour, Allen and Lewis is it jumping the gun to think that Johan might be able to step in and give us the 15 minutes a game as the starter that Jerome James gave us last year? If Petro earns the starting job I don't think its a horrible idea for the Sonics to go back and look at starting Collison next to him.

Weiss has stated that he really likes the Evans/Potapenko combination several times, if Vitaly is coming off the bench it seems only natural that Reggie would as well.

It has not been brought up on this forum but the closest comparison of a current NBA player to Petro would be Samuel Dalembert, from the short stint I saw of him in action the other day. It's been a long time since the Sonics have had a young frontcourt player who could have as much upside as it seems Johan has.

So if he keeps it up, would anyone but me consider giving him the starting 7 minutes of each half?