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Site Updates

We will be making some changes/upgrades to over the next few weeks.

As many of you know this site suffered from some neglect when Kevin Pelton left to join the Supersonics staff. Since that time it has been converted to a simple blog format primarily for ease of handling.

As part of my new involvement I'm going to work on spiffing up the site with a new format, some new features, and hopefully lots of content. The core group of writers thats been posting here all seem willing to increase their contributions and we're hopeful we can produce a great site. Anyone else who wants to contribute please let me know. You can post here or contact me at

At this time the concept of message boards is up in the air. There is some concern that moderation will be a problem and also that having open forums will detract from the blog participation. More blog topics should help open up the discussion somewhat.

Current ideas for features include:

Player Interviews - As most of you know this is being driven by my sudden access to the players. We'll take actual fan questions and put them in front of the players.

A daily roundup - not just links to the days news stories, but a quick summary of the daily reports along with brief commentary. This will create the thread to talk about the days news.

Ask Coach Cleaves - In my conversations with Mateen Cleaves he indicated a strong desire to coach someday and to teach about basketball. Assuming he makes the team I'm going to ask him to make a regular feature in which he clarifies a comment that Craig Ehlo makes on the broadcast in simple terms. An example would be "what is the flex offense" or "Why would you switch to a 2-3 zone?"

Burning Question - One big question supported with commentary for or against by our panel of "experts". Examples would be "Should Johan Petro start at C?" or "Is Flip Murray capable of playing the PG position?". This will be updated frequently and open the thread to answer the biggest questions of the moment. Again we're hoping that fan participation will provide the questions.

Thoughts and comments are appreciated.