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Questions for Practice

I will be attending practice on Thursday, 10/26 and Saturday 10/28 if you would like to submit questions for players, coaches, or management I will try to get as many of them in as possible.

This will be a recurring feature over the next several months as I attempt to answer the fans questions about the team. Right now I have a number of things I'm going to bring up when given the chance including:

Nick Collison - Did Bob Weiss discuss the starting position with you before making his comments that you were not in consideration? How do you feel about the situation? Is starting Important to you?

Robert Swift - There is a rumor that you were hampered by a hip pointer in your preseason games. Have injuries effected your game so far?

Rashard Lewis - Every year I hear about you working to perfect an aspect of your game. Shooting, ball handling, post ups, etc. Talk to me about improving defensively and what you do to improve on that side of the ball. Is it fair to say that offense has been your primary focus? Why not?