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ESPN NBA Preview - Sonics

I think the assessments of where this team will finish are low. I expect the Sonics to be 5-6 most likely, and if they avoid injuries and mesh well, maybe higher than that. I think they should compete for the division. There are some interesting quotes to be found on the preview page like:

Vitaly P - 285 lbs. of pure backup center
Vladimir R - Radmanovic can score a bit and hit two 3s per game, but big numbers aren't coming with this team. Don't make the annual mistake of taking him too early in fantasy
Bob Weiss - Experienced Bob Weiss was the right man for the job when Nate McMillan left. Did Seattle overachieve last year with 52 wins? It is up to Weiss to prove they did not.

Check it out and let us know what you think. Are the reviewers underestimating the Sonics, or am I just a homer with pie in the sky expectations for our Seattle Sonics?