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Morning Roundup

Comment on today's stories:

The Seattle Times' Percy Allen wrote a great story this morning about rotational pairings and how they have developed. I think Percy is right on with this one and it has been really interesting to see the situation develop. What I don't get is how the team intends to use a 6 player rotation in the front court to fit all those guys in. Bob Weiss told me specifically that he prefers a 9 man rotation that is set so that players know their role. It seems to me that in the end there is one roster spot for Danny Fortson or Reggie Evans and that one of those two will not see significant minutes in nearly every game. Given their penchant for fouls they may just accept the fact that either injury or officials will shorten the rotation naturally over the course of the season.

The Seattle P-I's Michael McLaughlin summarized last nights open scrimmage with a few more statistics but a lot less opinions than our own Scott Ulrich. Probably the most interesting notes from this article are the comparisons of Swift and Petro. Good to know that Swifty led a game in scoring.