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Morning Roundup

Not a huge amount of press today., The Seattle Times, and The Seattle P-I all feature reviews of last nights game against the Clippers. I was unable to listen to the majority of the game but would appreciate comments on the game in this thread.

Checking the box score I have some real concerns.

Flip Murray continues to struggle offensively. I am as big of a supporter of Murray as you will find, but if he cannot score then he simply isn’t worth much because he is not a distributor in any way.

Nick Collison and Johan Petro both struggled tonight while Mikki Moore contributed a string of zero’s in the box score during his eight minute stint. For all intents and purposes we have not had a single big man establish themselves in the preseason and it is worrying me. Going into the preseason there was a feeling that Nick Collison’s performance was a given and the collection of Potapenko, Moore, Fortson, and Swift would yield a couple of other bodies capable of contributing on a regular basis. So far Johan Petro has outplayed all of those guys. Part of it is that Petro is better than expected, but equally important is that none of them are really performing.

The Sonics must have done something right last night to come back and make it close after a simply terrible 2nd quarter. Bright spots in the stat line were provided by Danny Fortson(13 rebounds in 14 minutes) and Robert Swift who made the most of his 10 minute stint with 5 points, 4 rebounds, and a block).

Frank Hughes of the Tacoma News Tribune provides the only significant editorial this morning with his more detailed summary of the game. Hughes brings up the need to find a third scorer for this squad, cites Rick Sund as wanting to keep 15 players, and interestingly enough in the last line gets Sund to comment that Rick Brunson’s roster spot is indeed in some question.