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Has Tayshaun Prince set the price point for Radmanovic?

Seattle PI article on Prince

Tayshaun Prince and the Detroit Pistons agreed in principle on a five-year contract worth $47 million, a person close to the negotiations said Sunday night.

Vladimir Radmanovic chose in the off season to sign a tender offer, instead of the larger contract that the Seattle Sonics had offered. The offer Radmanovic turned down was reported as being $42 million over 6 seasons. I think that the contract that Tayshaun Price has agreed to is the top end of what Radmanovic will see following this season, and he might not even approach those numbers. While Prince does not have the offensive ability that Radmanovic does, he brings it on a nightly basis on the defensive end, and is a key to what the Pistons are doing. Prince's defense doesn't go cold, and he holds his own on the offensive end. What do you think? Is Vlade worth more? Is he more talented than Prince? Will he regret not signing the Sonics offer in 05?