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Daily Roundup 11/1

I have more work to do getting the entire roundup this morning, but it would be damn near negligent to not post a link to Kevin Pelton's piece on Luke Ridnour and Nick Collison as quickly as possible. I remember attending the draft with other Sonicscentral writers and almost to a man we booed the picks. Had I been in charge we likely would have Maciel Lampe and Leandro Barbosa on our team instead of Collison and Ridnour.

Kevin offers great insight into the duo and some really amazing commentary by Rick Sund and Dave Pendergraft. His interviews with Pendergraft are always extremely revealing and this one is no exception.

In addition the Seattle PI's Jon Morosi features a whole bevy of articles about the team. None of the articles in stood out to me in particular but in total its a lot of information and worth checking.

In addition the PI's Go2Guy, Jim Moore has just a fascinating piece giving over/unders for my favorite interview Danny Fortson and then getting into the taboo subject of homosexuality in the locker room. I got a chance to meet Moore yesterday and he's just about the nicest guy you could imagine. Whether he's a journalist or a banker he is the ephitome of a professional and it makes me appreciate his work even more. This is a great article. I'm a bit disappointed in Danny Fortsons answers to the homosexuality questions. Just to be blunt Danny isn't a guy who should go around judging anybody. I'll tell him that when we speak next.

Percy Allen of the Times writes a piece that really clearly sums up Coach Weiss' version of the running offense he's planned on implementing. I reported yesterday that Weiss was backing off this system but had some difficulty in getting coaches point across. With more detail I think Percy hits it right on the head.

This is great news for most fans who didn't want to see a dramatic change from last season. We don't want to mimic the Dallas Mavericks and have yet to see a run and gun team be successful in recent years. I'll say this though: The Sonics need to get better at the fast break whether they do it often or not. For a team with as much youth and atheleticism as they had last year they were terrible at converting on the break.

Lastly the Tacoma News Tribune's Frank Hughes lays out the details of the teams opening night rotation in a piece that is similar(if more well written) to mine yesterday. Between all of these articles it seems like we're really starting to get a feel for how coach Weiss intends to manage games.