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Sonics Win, (no really), They Won the Game!

Collison was productive this Sunday morning putting up 20 points and 12 rebounds in 43 minutes of work. Lewis carried the mail for much of the game garnering 41 points and 8 rebounds, in 46 minutes of play.
Radman's line looks better, it would be nice if they could shave some of that PT from Lewis and Collison and move it to Radman, but Rad has to show the PT wouldn't be wasted. Ray was 0-6 from 3 point land, but otherwise fairly productive in 40 minutes of work.

Some random notes:
The team is struggling with the 3 (28.6% on the season), this game they shot 5 for 21 (23.8%).
I'm glad to see them using a little more pick and role.
Sonics had 20 assists, Luke had 8 of them. That number needs to get up closer to 25 with the assists to come from other players.
Sonics win in overtime against the Raptors, 126 to 121, as Collison said on the radio (KJR) post game show "It's better then losing".

More random thoughts about the game:
The Sonics squandered an 18 point lead they had just before going in to the 4th quarter, that's what happens when you give up 40 points in 12 minutes, punctuated with a well executed missed free throw by Mike james, and put back by Chris Bosh to send the game into overtime, you end up in overtime and grasping for control. Between Lewis, Ridnour and Collison, the Sonics were able to put 5 respectable minutes together to secure a win that looked to be unattainable.

Box score here.

More random thoughts in general:
To be honest, I didn't expect the season to start off like this mostly because I didn't envision the starting line ups Weiss has been using. I think that from the very start of the summer I've been looking forward to Swift starting at center, Collison next to him, with Lewis, Allen, and Ridnour completing the rest of the starting 5. Swift turned into Petro during the preseason.
But, at no point in my mid-August basketball dreams would I have had Potapenko and Evans together in a starting line up. Maybe the promos on TNT for the Wizard of OZ had prompted the coach to go with munchkins in the front court.

Ahh, but there's no place like Toronto, there's no place like Toronto, there's no place like Toronto.

"Luke, wake up, there's been a storm, you were knocked out!" Ray says with stress in his voice.

Luke: "I've had the strangest dream, it was terrible, just terrible, there were Wizards, and all kinds of bad things happened... And you were there Ray, and you Rashard, and you to Nick, and Flip, where's Flip (Flip comes running up, barking something about Fortson moving on his screens) oh Flip, all this time I thought that I wanted to get away on a road trip when all that I really needed was right here with my friends, here in Toronto.
Oh, but anyway, Flip, we're home. Home in Toronto! And this is Canada, and you're all here. And I'm not gonna leave for Washington DC ever, ever again, because I love you all, and - oh, Coach Weiss - there's no place like Toronto! "