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Daily Roundup 11.14.05

I need some input from readers about articles. I was working on a piece that basically qualifies as my “a win is a win, I’ll take it” piece when I realized that most of the commentary in it could probably qualify as just a reply to the box score. Any thoughts on whether having too many actual articles/threads about the same game detracts from the quality of conversation in game threads?

I’m not exactly sure how to read this but I bet there’s some pretty damn good information on this site. Check out’s gameflow.

By far my favorite post game piece on a game by game basis is Kevin Pelton's collection of quotes from the team, coaches, and opposition.

This mornings papers feature pretty much identical summaries of yesterday’s win against Toronto. While I did not get to see the win I understand that the team likely played better than the overtime and score indicated. The Raptors hit a ton of shots with hands in their faces and Seattle played well. I’m not going to take the time to link all the papers as the articles are pretty straightforward.

Percy Allen’s notebook details Bob Weiss’ decision to start Nick Collison and Johan Petro. I have to say that I am thrilled at the decision. It’s about time that Collison got an opportunity to start and he responded with 20 and 12 in what I hope is his breakout game. Furthermore can anyone think of the last time the Sonics starting front court were both in double digit rebounds? Petro put in a solid showing with 10 boards.

This article has a scary comment about Weiss’ future plans:

After six games, Seattle has used three different lineups. Weiss said he plans to stick with the current lineup at least through Tuesday's game at New Jersey.

So despite all the havoc caused by juggling lineups Weiss will still only commit to a rotation for 2 games. In a nutshell he just doesn’t get it. The thought of more lineup changes really worries me.