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Daily RoundUp 11.15.05

The news in the dailies is mostly about Robert Swift and the lack of news on his front.

Gary Washburn of the P-I wrote a nice article on Robert Swift. According to Coach Weiss, he won't be playing any meaningful minutes this season. He also has a nice sidebar about the friendship that's grown between Swift and Sikma. Reading between the lines it certainly sounds to me like Swift is much rawer than they'd hoped.

Frank Hughes presents a similar piece in the Trib, but reports for the first time outside of that Swift was fighting a hip injury early in the preseason.

Percy Allen writes a bit of a fluff piece in the Times about Shard and his work for hurricane relief. Overall it's a good human interest story with some good commentary from Rashard about repeating his All-Star performance from lat year.

Then there's this piece on ESPN. Magnanimous Sonic forward Vladimir Radmanovic and his agent David Bauman have graciously given the Sonics a few weeks to define his role. If the role isn't to his satisfaction, he'll demand a trade. Isn't Radmanovic a great teammate and employee for giving the Supes two weeks' notice? :D