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Daily RoundUp 11.16.05

Hoo boy. Lots of news this morning after last night's loss. Percy Allen's chock-full-o'-quotes piece in the Times captures last night's post game mood in all its finger-pointing glory.

Let's give a shout out to Paul Wood's new page. Nice recap of the game, probably better than what you'll find in the dailies.

Inside Scoop of the Year Award for Major Daily (so far) goes to Frank Hughes' article in which Ray Allen takes Radmanovic aside, as a team captain should, and then takes his professionalism to task. It's about time somebody did, so thanks from me Ray. Frank's other recap is more of a by the numbers piece but has some nice post game quotes.

Gary Washburn in the P-I gets his own licks in here.

Overall the mood in nearly all of these pieces is sour -- the team is clearly splintering, not pulling together like they did on the first long road trip last year. I really, REALLY hope things come together tonight in Boston. I don't mind a bit of adversity to start the season. And there's still plenty of time to put it all together. But I'm very disappointed. This team looks like they're stuck in scrimmage mentality when everyone else is ready to start playing real ball.

Quote of the Day: “It’s very frustrating,” Rashard Lewis said. “I feel like we are showing up but we are not playing hard. We have to get in the mind frame that last year is over with. I don’t think everyone is giving their best effort; nobody is playing 100 percent.”