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Practice Notes 11.17.05

The team had a light practice today after a full nights travel and 4:00am arrival. Center Robert Swift pointed out that the travel schedule of back to backs on the road is just exhausting and that made the Boston win more impressive.

While there was no scrimmage the players did break into groups for drills. One group featured Swift, Johan Petro, and Danny Fortson working on post scoring. The offensive player would score until stopped and then rotate to defense with the defensive player getting a chance to sit out. Interestingly enough Swift seemed to dominate this drill scoring well over both Petro and Fortson.

I asked Swift about recent comments in the paper questioning his desire and agressiveness. Swift acknowledged that those comments made him angry and that as a young player he has to find a better balance between being a good team guy and being personally hungry for minutes.

"I have to find a way to get noticed more in practice." He said.

Rick Brunson appeared to be fully healed and should be ready to play soon.

During his daily press conference coach Bob Weiss expressed happiness with his current rotation. Basically the starters and primary substitutions are set while some players lower in the rotation will see their minutes vary based on matchups and situations. He indicated that Nick Collison will continue to see 35 minutes plus per game and that Collison may see plays called for him soon.

Coach Weiss liked Vladi Radmanovic's last game quite a bit. When he reviewed the tape he felt Vladi's floor game was very good.

Coach Weiss' funniest story of the session went something like this:

Luke started the game 0 for 6 and I just told him to keep shooting. I told him that Ray started the game the other night 0 for 7 and finished with 19 points. Ray looks over at me and says "What? Did I do that." and I say to Luke "See, thats what players need. Selective amnesia."