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Daily Roundup 11.18.05

Have I pointed out yet that Jayda Evans is just a cool person? She’s one of those warm, friendly people that you just feel good being around. Her story in today Seattle Times leads off with Luke Ridnour joking about his long shorts. Now I’m sure that on a personal level Luke is a good guy but in terms of interview’s I’d have to describe him as a “cold fish”. He just doesn’t like talking to the media and Jayda deserves major kudos for getting the guy to laugh and relax a little in this interview. I was there and it was a thing of beauty. In the article she somehow makes this great transition from Luke’s shorts to Bob Weiss’ rotation and I say to myself “Now this is real talent…”

The Seattle PI surprisingly takes a pass on covering the Sonics today but I give them a break because that 9 day road trip is as hard on the beat writers as it is the players. I think Jon Morosi has some Boston roots so maybe he stayed at home after Wednesday’s game.

The Tacoma News Tribune doesn’t have any problem with the long road trip because Corey Brock is always available to pinch hit for Frank Hughes. His piece this morning summarizes coach Weiss’ comments at practice, previews the days game, and goes over the injury report from yesterday’s practice.’s Kevin Pelton puts out an admittedly feel-good piece that is unique because KP took the time to transcribe a ton of Coach Weiss’ media session. If you want the words direct from the coaches mouth then read this article.