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Weekend Roundup 11.20.05

The roundup this morning is pretty light as most of the media coverage the weekend focused on the College Football Rivalry weekend.

Frank Hughes has a great piece about the Sonics finally “getting it”. It’s a concept I’ve talked to some people about off the record. Last year the team went 1-7 in the preseason so it was easy to lose preseason games and say “It doesn’t matter, it’s the same as last year.” They lost the home opener against LA so it was easy to give that game up and say “It doesn’t matter, it’s the same as last year.” What needed to happen is the team needed to take the 3 game beating, say “It really does matter.” and get use the opportunity to gain focus. Frank does a nice job pointing out how this may have happened.

I asked Nick Collison about this theory a couple of days ago.

“I don’t we thought about last year.” He said. “It never feels good to lose like that. You never want to accept it.”

He went on to say that the burden for those losses was on the players. “You should never have to coach effort.”

Hughes also makes my day by pointing out that Weiss is starting to commit to Mateen Cleaves due to his strong play and that Vladi Radmanovic is starting to turn his game around. Great news all the way around.

The Seattle Times features a preview of tonights game with Sacramento by Jayda Evans. I just really like Jayda’s work and think she does a nice job tying it back to last seasons playoff series. Lots of tidbits about player roles in this one also.

Speaking of previews never forget to check out Kevin Peltons work at He previews the game position by position and somehow manages to sneak Mateen Cleaves picture into the article. Two things you can learn about Kevin from this piece. First he likes Mateen enough to continue to give him press. Second the lack of quotes from Saturday’s practice should tell you where the Washington Grad’s attention was focused on Apple Cup weekend. Sorry Kev, I had to let your secret out.

Last but not least you have to check out Attack of The Supersonics as HnkJr moves over from Supersonics VS. The World to a new forum. I’m trying to get this guy to do a feature on our site but whether he does or not I like his writing and have to love his passion. Support his work.