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Game Thread Sonics VS Kings 11.20.05

Use this thread for commentary and posts about tonight’s game vs. the Kings.

For a primer here are Scotts unofficial comments on the game:

Couple things to watch for in tomorrow nights game. First and
foremost is SAR for all his faults is a solid matching point for
Collison. A vet with low post moves, guile and the respect of the
refs. Granted the more he has the ball the lower the chances that
the Kings win, but its still a great measuring stick.

Speaking of measuring sticks, Brad MIller could be a guy that really
gives Petro a rough go of it. We've been having a problem keeping
opposing C's off the glass early in games and that's exactly what
Miller did to us when healthy over the last couple years. I think
Johan has a tough matchup tomorrow night.

Good points for us, Bonzi can't D up Ray and Peja can't D up Lew.
That should give our offense a ton of freedom to operate. Outside
of a couple guys, Sacto has holes in thier bench. Damien Wilkins if
he plays like he did on Friday should have a huge impact on
tomorrow's game as a guy to come in a give Peja a completely
different look. Vlad has an advantage over anyone on the Kings
bench on the offensive end and he actually doesn't matchup horribly
with them on the defensive end either.