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I Hate Those Guys

The Sonics matchup vs. the Utah Jazz tonight at 7:00 PM.

The Jazz have always been a team I not only dislike, but actively despise.

It definitely has everything to do with Stockton and Malone, who are probably the most admired and despised duo in the history of the sport. I remember really getting worked up in the early 90s over Stockton's elbows, Malone's elbows and his phenomenally irritating habit of turning a trip to the free throw line into a twenty minute piss break. And don't even get me started on Hornacek or some of the referee jobs I've seen at the Delta Center.

So I got to thinking one day, man I really hate this team. Along with the Lakers, who I've hated ever since the Magic Johnson era, those are my two least favorite teams in the NBA. Least favorite in that no matter who each team is playing, I'll root for them to lose. And lose badly. And if the Lakers are playing the Jazz, well then, there's always the Lumberjack Championships, or even (gasp) hockey to watch.

You know what I'm talking about. There's a team in every sport, and sometimes more than one team, that you just hate. Can't stand their guts. Nothing would make you happier than to see that team lose each and every game they play. You hate their fans, their city, their logo, everything about them.

Tell us which team or teams you can't stand!

Mine are:

NBA: Jazz, Lakers
NFL: Raiders, Cowboys
MLB: Yankees