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11/22/05 Game Thread: Sonics vs. Jazz

Post your pre and in game thoughts here.

It should be an interesting matchup between Luke and Deron Williams tonight. Another interesting matchup will be at center, where Petro will be back, and may be vulerable to picking up some quick fouls against the more experienced front like of Ostertag and Okur. Hopefully Petro will be able to use his athleticism wisely, as he is clearly more gifted in that area than either Okur or Ostertag. Another 4 blocked shot game would be great! With Kirilenko injured, the Sonics need to take advantage and win this game and keep their momentum going forward. And as you may read on another thread here on, the Jazz are one of the most hated teams in the NBA, so beating them is just that much more sweet! Go Sonics!