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I just thought I would thank all the readers of this blog. When we started doing this, we had no idea how it would go. Really we are still just beginning to figure it out.

Every couple of days I check through our reader's data and I find all kinds of interesting little tid-bits. We have a large number of readers from outside the USA, and we are pleased that we are able to provide solid Sonics info for those who might not have as good of access as people living in Seattle. We have had visitors from almost every continent (no Antartica). In just the past few hours we have had visitors from Beijing China, Hong Kong, Kobenhavn Denmark, Grenoble France, Paris France, Valladolid Spain, Montral and Okotoks Canada, New Zealand, Austrailia, Germany, and half the States in the USA. And that is just a small sample of where people are reading from. So we welcome you, we thank you for visiting our site, and we invite you to jump in to the conversation.