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Practice Notes 11.23.05

According to Coach Weiss Danny Fortson will be on the inactive list for 5-7 days due to pain in his toe. Weiss explained that Fortson was sore prior to entering last nights game but did not mention it to the coach until after he go into the game. Weiss called out Robert Swift as being impressive in practice lately and named Swift, Vitaly, and Mikki Moore as players who would replace Fortson in the rotation.

Johan Petro is expected to start tomorrow’s game against the Lakers.

I didn’t get to see scrimmage and the team hustled out of the Furtado center to board a plane for LA. The clothes highlighted the day as the team got ready for travel. I need to get a camera phone because Luke Ridnour was wearing a hat that really defied description. Reggie had on the brightest yellow shirt and matching hat that I have ever seen. He looked like he was fresh from filming a scene for The Fresh Prince of Bel Air in 1996.

Last memorable moment was Johan Petro and Robert Swift practicing free throws together with Jack Sikma to end practice. The two young 7 footers seem to be developing a friendship and Petro tried hard to distract Swift by yelling in French on every shot. I don’t need a translator to guess that they were not nice words he was shouting.