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Line-Up Change--Again

Reggie's in, Petro's out.

And so continues the revolving starting spots for the Sonics trying desperately to find something that works.

Reggie's play in LA on Thanksgiving no doubt got him the nod as his tenacious hustle and work on the boards makes it hard to keep him on the bench. Reggie's hustle and style of play tend to get him to the free throw line which, offensively, results in the Sonics hopefully getting a point, but too often the result is a back-breaking empty possession giving momentum to the other team.

So Petro to the bench. Hey, the guy was supposed to start the year in the developmental league so getting benched in favor of a guy that started last year doesn't seem like a huge demotion, but Seattle is going to miss Petro's length. Man, if Reggie was only 4 inches taller!

On today's game, while the Hornets have been playing well for Bryon Scott, Seattle needs to beat this sub .500 team at home. They need this win to set things straight in the camp. Seattle needs to play with a confident desperation against these teams and give them no chance to think they can compete at the Key.