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Practice notes 11.28.05

If you plan on waiting for Luke Ridnour to finish working out after Sonics practice then I recommend sitting down because it will be a while. I left practice after nearly 2 hours with Ridnour still on the court and unavailable for comment. Ridnour was the last of 12 players to participate in long after practice workout despite the fact that practice broke nearly 40 minutes late. All indications were that the practice was extremely intense and Coach Bob Weiss indicated that the focus was 100% on defense.

Weiss appears to be grasping for straws a bit. He pointed out that the number one issue for this team was defensive containment and that the team will be “rolling back the clock a bit defensively.” Weiss stated that the team may attempt to switch and trap a bit more and that right now finding consistent aggressiveness and energy is his priority when it comes to rotation. Reggie Evans will start at least the next game but in the end the rotation will be set when players step up and perform.

I did not see a lot of guys performing well in the daily scrimmage. Overall the play was extremely sloppy with poor passing leading to multiple breakaway plays. The only point of any interest was a lineup that I don’t recall seeing in any prior play. Center Robert Swift and guard Flip Murray teamed with Starters Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, and Nick Collison for the green team.