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Daily Round-up 11 / 29

As reported yesterday on this site by Brian Robinson the focus of yesterday's practice was defense. All three papers do a solid job this morning of covering what happened and didn't happen. First lets look over to Frank Hughes for a discussion covering the defense but more importantly at the begining of the article about rotational changes and how that can hinder a team. Three years ago it drove me crazy that Nate would continue to dicker with his lineups and finally last year, through injuries I presume, Nate finally settled into a rotation and the team had great success. I'd hoped that Bob would use this as a mantra, but he's seemed to fall back to the old way.

Jim Moore, the Go 2 Guy has an interesting commentary on Bob Weiss and what he thinks has happened this year. One aspect I really admire about Jim's writing is that he's unabashed in letting his viewpoint be known whether its Husky bashing or Weiss admirering. While some of his comments do border on homerism, there's some truth in what he says. Weiss isn't the guy that's not defending, that's the players. The scheme hasn't changed much but somehow the concept of team defense has defeated this team

Over in the Times Percy Allen's piece has interesting commentary from Ray discribing exactly what should be done defensively on the pick and roll and where the team is failing in this reguard. I saw somewhat of a demonstration of what Ray's talking about and it is solid defensive theory, whether Ray or the bigs have the drive to make it successful defensive theory is another story.

Finally a nod to the guys over at SuperSonicSoul for thier lead story. Anytime someone covers the Sonics and can manage to work a jab in at Dick Cheney they deserve kudos. The line at the end of the first paragraph caught me as being really comical and sadly true with what's gone on with this team over the last week.