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Brunson Re-Injures Foot

David Locke reports that Rick Brunson re-injured his foot at practice yesterday. There's no word yet of an MRI or how long Brunson might be out, but he is visiting with doctors today and there may be news later in the day. Brunson had been suffering with plantar fasciitis in the foot, which can be a nasty, lingering injury that can even require surgery in some cases.

Update: Yahoo! is now reporting that Brunson will be out at least two months with a torn plantar fascia.

It's a shame Brunson's been hurt. The Sonics desperately need better play out of the point guard position right now, and they aren't finding it. Brunson may not be the most spectacular player but the team could really use a steady veteran to run the offense like we've had in years past with AD, Kevin Ollie, etc. I wrote a piece back in October pointing out how this team would rise or fall depending on Luke's play, and unfortunately he's struggled mightily early in the season. Luckily, the Sonics are entering a barren stretch in their schedule with only two games on the docket in nine days. Hopefully they'll use that time wisely to refine the rotation and figure out how to play defense. Or maybe consider trading for Earl Watson.