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Daily Roundup 11/3

Several takes on a disappointing start to the season last night. Gary Washburn of the P-I gives you the black and white version.

Frank Hughes' write-up of the game can be found here as well as a small piece about the inactive players for last night, and a quote from Lewis on Desmond Mason's new digs in Oklahoma.

Jayda Evans did a nice little writeup on new sensation Johan Petro. If you're into masochism, brutal cynicism, and out-and-out negativity, who better to provide it than Steve Kelley? Slurp it up here. Can't you at least give it a week or two, Steve-O?

Jason Reid gives us the 411 from the OC side here. Nice game for Sam. I always enjoy reading the perspective from the other side. I would have given y'all the OC Register's version, but it requires registration, and who needs that, right?