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Game Thread Sonics VS Bobcats

Post your thoughts about tonighs matchup against Charlotte here.

Personally I cannot remember a more pivotal time for this team in a November game. While I would not define this individual game as a must win I will say that this long stretch of 2 games in 6 days is one in which they must find some answers. If we go 0-2 and do not have a settled rotation by the the time we meet up with the Pacers on December 4 I think you start seeing some real serious cries fo Bob Weiss to be fired.

Tonights game is a tougher matchup than it looks. The atheleticism of the Bobcats at every position is likely to give us fits and Gerald Wallace is just the type of player who thrives against our defense. If we don't lock him down he will go crazy on offense.

Sorry about the lack of updates in recent days. As the team gets back into the swing of things look for me to provide more articles soon.