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Daily Roundup 11.7.05

Daily Roundup 11.6.05

Percy Allen of the Seattle Times presents an article previewing the increased role of Mateen Cleaves and Damien Wilkens after their strong performance against the Timberwolves on Friday.

The article contains some great quotes from Sunday’s practice that frankly make me wish I were a beat writer and had the opportunity to travel with the team. Most interesting to me is the fact that Coach Weiss will be changing his rotation for Tuesday’s game against Memphis with Mateen Cleaves and Damien Wilkens moving ahead of Flip Murray who it was announced will be out of the rotation.

One particular quote stood out to me:

"I want to get down to a set rotation, but somebody has got to step up and say these are my minutes and I'm going to take control," Weiss said. "I thought the other night that Mateen and Wilkins did that to enough of an extent that I'm going to give them another shot in the first half this time."
I’m going to preview my own article for later in the day and say that is essentially a failure to have defined his rotations in training camp that has resulted in this situation. Weiss told me specifically on media day that he believes in a set rotation with roles earned during camp and the preseason. I fail to see why he should move away from that after only a game and a half which is how long it took Flip Murray to lose his spot.

Seattle PI reporter Gary Washburn provides a preview of the coming road trip with a bit of fresh commentary from the players.

Check back through the week as I’m hoping to finally finish the long overdue Reggie Evans piece, a report on Danny Fortson and what makes him tick, and a piece blasting Weiss for his rotations.