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Daily RoundUp 11.09.05

All three Seattle dailies go full bore on Vladimir Radmanovic's post-game comments after last night's shellacking in Memphis. Read Percy Allen's take here. Gary Washburn offers a similar story here.

Frank Hughes offers his recap here, along with more Radman quotes hinting at a serious communication breakdown between Rad and Weiss. It's a bit early for Steve Kelley-style drama, but instructive in that it shows how quickly the veneer of team camaraderie disappears after a losing streak.

Hughes' other piece is interesting. It concerns the coaching staff's decision to slow the pace of the game down and can be found here. The Sonics' success last year was due in large part to their offensive efficiency - last year they ranked 27th out of 30 in terms of fast paced teams in the NBA. This slow pace allowed the Sonics to get into their half court pick and roll offense and boosted their already stellar offensive rebounding. Hopefully if they choose to embrace that style it'll produce the same results. It could hardly be worse, as the Sonics ballhandling has been awful -- 59 turnovers to 53 assists as a team so far, not to mention 53 assists on 233 attempted field goals is inexcusable.

I want to give a shout out to Supersonics Vs. The World's recap of the game last night. Far more entertaining than the game. Keep up the good work.