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Daily Roundup 12.01.05

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Remember, remember the first of December.

With that nod to Alan Moore and the Wachowski brothers, congratulations to the Sonics on the best win of the year so far. They finally did a lot of the things I've been waiting for -- played tight defense (well, some of the time), held an opponent under 100 points, and moved the ball around on offense.

Percy Allen writes that Bob Weiss thinks that contract status may be a factor in the play of three Sonics. Ya think? Percy's recap here.

Gary Washburn's game recap provides yet another Luke Ridnour sighting. Good to see Luke talking to the press.

Check the Locked on Sports simulblog for some mid-game insights if you haven't already.

The TNT gives us a dose of Frank Hughes: One piece on the improved defense, or is it the offense. Remember kids, the Sonic buzzword of the day is "containment." Everytime you hear the word containment, you know what to do.

I'm told it's snowing in Mukilteo. Let the good times roll.