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Pre-game and in game discussion thread 12/13/05

Danny Fortson is back tonight. Some tough match ups for both team, but likely the game will be won or lost at the PG and SG positions.
It will be interesting to see the mood of the team tonight, to see if the surly mood from practice yesterday carries over. It will be interesting to see how Weiss handles the Fortson situation, to see if Fort gets any run or if he'll be in the doghouse. I actually don't know if Weiss has a doghouse, but if he does, Fortson has to be in it! And if he doesn't give Fort run, then an extra dose of Reggie, or does he go for firepower and load up on Vlade?

Nick has been very quiet lately. It would be nice to see him make some noise tonight. I would also like to see some quality Flip going hard to the hole. Davis will be hard pressed to keep Flip in front of him, and I think Flip can exploit that. Get Davis either frustrated, tired, or in foul trouble and you eliminate a matchup problem on the Sonics defensive end. Will there be a Petro sighting tonight?