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Daily RoundUp 12.14.05

Reminder: 10 more shopping days to Christmas.

I like Kevin Pelton's in-game observations. I just wish they'd pulled that game out. It's very frustrating to watch the Flip Murray vs. Baron Davis Show when the other 4 Sonics on the floor are standing around doing nothing. Isolation basketball got the Supes back in this game but it's not a style they can win with.

Two quotes by David Locke sum it up for me:

"Derek Fischer is kicking Seattle’s ass."

Maybe this game can ignite then [sic] Sonics to play with the fire they need to play with for the season.

I sure hope so David, because I liked what I saw the first quarter before the defense went out the window.

Frank Hughes' column focuses on the Danny Fortson sideshow. Anyone else catch Ray and Danny having some heated words in the 3rd last night? That was as close to a breakdown as I've seen two NBA teammates have in some time. And I can't help but think Danny just got himself that much closer to being traded.

For a strict by the numbers recap I'd check out Percy Allen today.

Art Thiel chimes in with his two cents on the arena situation. I think in a way Art's right on; the team can't expect the city/county to foot the entire bill for a new arena. A more creative partnership solution will have to be found.

I just want to say that for the most part I liked last night's game. If Rashard has a normal night Seattle probably wins. But it's discouraging that the Sonics let themselves get sucked into an uptempo pace. As soon as they did that, the 32-23 lead evaporated and the teams basically traded buckets the rest of the game.