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Fantasy Report 12.15.05

It’s Christmas time, and the shopping season is in full frenzy. It’s time to make that yearly list: find out what you have, and what you really need, then go out and find that perfect gift (in my case assists and threes).

It’s also a good time to re-gift. Here are some bargain players, and some possible re-gifting gems.

BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL (GO OUT AND GET THESE GUYS – THEY MAY BE CHEAP)Ron Artest – He’s an elite player, and he’ll be playing with something to prove the rest of the year.

Ben Wallace – He’s starting to put together some Big Ben stat lines. His owners may be frustrated with him up to this point.

Donyell Marshall – Just a matter of time … he’s always been better in the second half, and Drew Gooden’s #’s usually go down in the second half.

Tyson Chandler – snap this guy up for a bargain basement price. He’s just been prescribed some medication for his shortness of breath.

Jalen Rose – take a chance if he comes cheap. Toronto’s making a trade, and it’ll be either Rose or Peterson that goes. Either way, Rose wins.

James Posey – Hmmm… a defensive specialist who shoots 3’s playing for Pat Riley? I kinda like the combination

Tyronn Lue – chances are he’s still available in your league… get him cheap, get rid of him for a price.

Bruce Bowen – Three words, steals and threes.

Earl Watson – he’s been spectacular his last two games (think showcase) … a team with PG troubles may trade for him and start him immediately.

Sebastian Telfair – (keeper leagues only) … his owners have to be frustrated, and he’s banged up right now … go get him.

Reggie Evans – 13 and 8 two games in a row? That may be a sign of things to come

Mike Bibby – his assist #’s have to come up … don’t they … don’t they?

Gary Payton – Again, Riley’s kind of player

Damon Stoudamire – Averaging fewer than 5 assists per game, but his career average is around 7 … these #’s have to come up … go ahead and make a deal, but keep a close eye on him.

Mike Dunleavy – I’ve seen him get more aggressive recently


Shavlik Randolph – if you have an open roster spot, roll the dice… he’s averaging more than 20 reb’s per 48 minutes… and Chris Webber is a charge/block away from the inactive list

Marcus Banks – he’s healthy again in Boston, and something tells me the team isn’t overly pleased with Delonte West to this point.

Antonio Burks – His only game in double figures came in garbage time, but then again, Memphis plays a lot of fourth quarters in garbage time. This team is lousy, and a move may be in order. Burks may benefit.

Bracey Wright – he’s in the D League … but the T’Wolves may trade Eddie Griffin, and they’ll need somebody up front.


Nate Robinson – chances are you picked him up when he was starting… I’m pretty sure Larry Brown’s going to look in another direction now.

Marcus Camby – You should feel very fortunate you got a #1 fantasy player up to this point… but here come the nagging injuries…

Boris Diaw—may be losing confidence, and once the injured guys come back, he may be the odd man out

Happy Holidays, and happy shopping,

Chris Schneider