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Practice Notes 12.18.05

Everybody please say a quick prayer for Danny Fortson’s daughter who was hospitalized with flu like symptoms last night. While she appears to be fine I know firsthand how hard it is to have a sick child in the family and hope she is better soon.

Today was just an odd day at practice with lots of trivia, and very little basketball to discuss. Practice ran long today with the media denied access until nearly 12:30. Players were visibly winded and apparently pushed harder than they would on a normal Sunday afternoon.

The highlight of the practice was without a doubt team president Wally Walker dressed in workout gear and looking ready to go a few rounds with the players. With 80’s length green shorts pulled up well above his waistline Walker was a walking advertisement for artificial knee replacements. When asked about his new forward coach Bob Weiss replied that Walker was probably “too light” to help in the frontcourt. While this may have been a comment about Walkers weight it seemed very appropriate given his deathly pale skin. I have no idea what he was doing on the floor but despite his lack of fans in the community Wally is always a friendly guy and enjoyed the jokes tossed his way.

When PG Luke Ridnour was pushed out of bounds during the days scrimmage coach Bob Hill was irate, screaming “Where’s the F’ing technical?” Eventually the referees called technical foul on PF Nick Collison who had slammed Ridnour to the floor. The two appeared to still be friends after practice as they shot around together with Assistant Coach Ralph Lewis.

Ray Allen today conducted his annual Secret Santa gift drawing.

Johan Petro is bulking up considerably. I just got a chance to take a good look at him and the guy is noticeably wider through the chest and back than he was in August. He is looking like a guy who physically could be one of the largest centers in the game as he continues to mature.

I have to tattle on Danny Fortson who left the practice floor and was supposedly getting therapy on his toes. I spotted him in the Taco Time parking lot on Leary not 10 minutes later as I was driving home. Incidentally Danny proved to me today that he does read this site and was only borderline happy with my recent article "Figuring out Fortson"

I’m off to Texas for the week but will check in often. Thanks to all the writers and readers who keep this fun.