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Daily Roundup 12.02.05

King James comes to town tonight and I'm going to be there, hooray!

Even the snow couldn't dampen my enthusiasm for hitting up Key Arena tonight.

I really like Percy Allen's article this morning on James and Ray Allen. Allen was actually the Cav's primary target last offseason and Percy does a great job documenting that story.

Gary Washburn's fawning tribute to all things James is worth a look but doesn't offer much new information.

Speaking of fawning tributes, Frank Hughes offers his own here. There isn't one other player on the Cavs that merits attention? I know LBJ only comes to town once, but still ...

Thanks to the poster in the comments and to Supersonicsoul that mentioned the ESPN NBA coaches popularity poll.. I'm not sure what to read into this, but all the mug shots are pretty funny. George Karl in particular looks like he's just smoked a fat bowl of crack.

And on that note, th-th-th-th-that's all folks! Have a great weekend and see you at the game tonight!