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My position on Flip Murray

As good a time as any to post my general thoughts on Flip.

Tonight was an example of EXACTLY how I think Flip should play the game. The guy is not a pass first point guard. He is a guy who needs to play to his strengths and let his offense key his playmaking. Tonight he penetrated repeatedly, and repeatedly missed dunks in trademark fashion. However by doing so he forced the defense to adjust to him and then was able to make easier passes to the perimeter players. When he keeps the ball at the top of the key he is playing to his weaknesses and does not have the court vision or patience to set the offense.

Murray attempted 1 three pointer and 11 free throws tonight. Thats about the ratio I want the guy shooting for.

It frustrates me to see Flip continually playing a game he is not suited for. The guy is not perfect by any means but when you watch him play his strengths and weaknesses are so obvious that I don't understand how coaches try to make him play away from the strengths. The guy is a top tier scorer. I don't recall a single game he's played more than 25 minutes and failed to score 20 points.

Great game by Flip tonight. Now go ahead, rip me for liking Flips game....