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Daily RoundUp 12.20.05

Wow, does this team ever look different when they run their offense through Rashard or what?

Percy gives you the straight recap.

Frank Hughes does the same with a twist of lemon. See below:

In a Q&A on the big screen during a second-quarter timeout, Danny Fortson was asked what his advice would be to young players. He responded: “Leave the officials alone,” accompanied by a Cheshire cat grin. Even the officials had to laugh at that answer, with referee Ken Mauer walking to the media table and saying, “We’ll see if that happens.”

Danny Fortson ladies and gentlemen, Danny Fortson. He'll be here all week.

If there was such a thing as Most Valuable Lego, would this be it? I'd like to see Batgirl do one of her world famous Lego replays for the NBA.

When I was a kid, my mom used to quell my outbursts by saying "stifle yourself." Stifle is such an underused word. Props to the P-I for bringing it back.